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Ash also offers outstanding staining and finishing qualities. Around the turn of the century, it was commonplace to find chestnuts towering 90' tall with trunk diameters of 6'. The wood is comparable to oak in many respects, particularly appearance. Some questions as to carcinogenic properties have been raised in recent years but not proven. For woodworkers, yew is one of the most desirable softwoods. Beli. When the wood is machined or sanded, toxins are released into the air, possibly causing skin, eye, or breathing irritation to those in the shop. A beautiful medium-grained and close-pored softwood, this cedar is actually a member of the "false cypresses." Because of these color variations, and because it is extremely prone to blotching when colored with a pigment-based stain, poplar used for visible components is often painted. How Much Dimensional Change Should You Expect? The tree grows up to 180' high along the Pacific coast in northern California and Oregon, and can reach a diameter as wide as a man is tall. One feature common to all maples is their low resistance to decay, making them appropriate for indoor use only. Items shipped directly from the manufacturer cannot be returned in store. It cuts, planes, and turns with ease and resists shrinking and warping. Lyptus is reversing the loss of tropical forests as it is grown on previously barren land in a mosaic pattern interspersed with reintroduced indigenous trees to preserve native ecosystems and create biodiversity. The wood is a natural hybrid of two species of eucalyptus and exhibits many desirable woodshop characteristics, including exceptional workability and machining properties, sound density, good finish tolerance, and overall strength. a faint pattern sweeps across this closed-grained, evenly textured wood—a desirable characteristic when the project's design needs to dominate the wood's appearance. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. About To Show Your Hardwood Floor The Door? In contrast, non-structural wood products are graded solely on the basis of appearance quality and are typically marked and sold under an individual species (e.g., Eastern White Pine, Western Red Cedar). The most highly figured wood comes from Hawaii's mountains, growing to about 70' with trunk diameters from 5' to 8'. The open grain texture shared by both species often fools the casual observer. Bloodwood. In the shop, there are four primary problems with purpleheart: splintering, its effect on tools, color changes, and toxicity. When New World explorers landed on the shores of Central America in search of bounty for their homelands, they discovered an unexpected treasure. Many varieties of wood are available, and each has its own properties. According to legend, pirates of the high seas buried their treasures on Caribbean islands. Hard maple parts may crack to relieve the stress of a tight joint. In this list, find woodworking tips for dealing with just a few of the most popular varieties of wood used for woodworking, such as oak, maple, pine and more. Cocobolo is part of the rosewood family, but its unique colors set this wood apart from other family members. Sassafras is usually light yellow, tending toward reddish brown, but some trees yield a greenish- yellow color. Care is required when handling the sawdust as, like many tropical woods, it contains toxins that can produce allergic reactions. Being somewhat coarse textured, padauk accepts finishes well and can be polished to a high luster. Quartersawn white oak offers more stability than plain sawn lumber, a factor that played a huge part in its selection by Gustav Stickley for his Arts and Crafts furniture. Native to Africa and the Andaman Islands, padauk is known as vermillion for its unique reddish-orange color. It yields attractive… Learn More. True to form, many of their projects can now be found in antique shops, little worse for the wear and featuring the rich patina of age. When pressure accrues on a spot while sanding or routing too slowly, it darkens, as though a deep purple ink had been spilled on it. In addition, yew's slightly oily character can cause occasional gluing difficulties. Hardwood Finishes More Eco-Friendly than Ever, Know your Hardwood Floors by Starting at the "Finish", Revealing Hardwood Treasure beneath Carpeting and Linoleum. For an economical wood with a light color that is as easy to work as cherry, soft maple is an attractive alternative worth exploring. A crossbreeding effort at restoration, with some promising results, is being led by the American Chestnut Foundation located in Bennington, Vermont. Of course, this usually means that no matter how you glue it to a core material, eventually the veneer will crack and split. Bigleaf maple. Moving outdoors, however, where decay resistance is a concern, red oak is not a good choice. Mahogany is a friendly wood to use in the shop. We proudly stand behind all of our products. It also releases a pungent fragrance during machining that may be objectionable to woodworkers with allergies to other cedars. Furthermore, oak and ash have almost identical hardness ratings. In the shop, birch works well with both hand and power tools, particularly for a wood that falls between oak (harder) and cherry (softer) in hardness. A sealing finish like spar varnish or tung oil is a good choice, and purpleheart refinishes beautifully. Dutch elm disease, a fungus carried by bark-boring beetles accidentally introduced from Europe, has ravaged nearly the entire range of elms in the United States. Sometimes difficult to glue, it works well with resin adhesives like yellow and white glues, Resorcinol, and urea resin. Central American–grown mahogany, which consists of several species commonly referred to as Honduras mahogany, is still an excellent wood for today's woodworker to discover. Cherry is popular in the workshop, too, because of its outstanding workability. The heartwood has a fragrant scent due to secreted oils, which appear as small pockets of sticky resin. It exceeds ash, oak, and maple in both strength and hardness and has more than twice the shock resistance of those species. Today its range extends throughout much of the southern United States. Home Wood and Supplies Wood Species Guide Nuts about Walnut Black walnut trees commonly reach heights of 100' or more with 3'-diameter trunks, yielding copious amounts of consistent, straight grain—a lumberman's dream. Shortly after reaching the Hawaiian islands in the late 1800s, Portuguese sailors discovered koa, a wood with high resonance qualities that was perfect for making four-stringed ukuleles. The open grain accepts glue, stains, and finishes well. A thin application of sanding sealer can help quite a lot when eliminating butternut "hair," which is composed of fibers that are difficult to sand. Going too fast when ripping or crosscutting will cause it to splinter. The beech is a unique-looking tree with grayish bark that is remarkably smooth from its twigs to its trunk, giving romantics a palette to carve their names. Birdseye Maple North America 12. Teak South East Asia 9. For centuries, the yew tree has symbolized life and death. To distinguish hard pines from soft pines, look at their needle formations. Purpleheart is a very hard, somewhat brittle wood. Padauk has oils that can inhibit the penetration of yellow and hide glues. A shipment of chestnut trees imported from China and Japan came with an unfortunate stowaway, a fungus that cuts off the flow of sap, causing the tree to die above ground. White oak is much better suited to facing the elements. Bubinga. In fact, hand tool enthusiasts often adopt cherry as a favorite because of its easy working qualities. Traditionally, the wood was used in the manufacture of juvenile furniture, especially from 1880 through the 1920s. It is somewhat resistant to decay and insect damage, and very resistant to the harmful effects of weather. Osage orange was native to a small area of drought-ridden, windswept prairie in Texas and Arkansas. The strength of this wood exceeds all commonly used domestic species. Each slice has a wild grain pattern going in all directions, much like burl veneer does. It is quite difficult to dry and prone to significant shrinkage and warping during the process. American Hardwoods Offer a Breath of Fresh Air, Mix – Don’t Match – Wood Textures and Colors; Experts Across the U.S. Urge Diversity in Design, Straight Talk About Hardwoods from Four Savvy Design Pros, Hardwood Flooring Trends – A Touch of the Creative, Hardwood Flooring Must-Know Shopping Facts. Generally speaking, white oak offers somewhat less dimensional stability than red oak, but it is a relatively minor problem for both. It works extremely well with both machine and hand tools, glues well, and resists splitting when nailed or screwed. This can mean much longer burn times and less loading. When a cocobolo log is freshly cut, it reveals a rainbow of purples, reds, oranges, and yellows. Turners, however, report that red oak tends to tear on the lathe. A favorite of western settlers for their wheel hubs and rims, this shock-resistant species has a wildly twisting and interlocking grain pattern. On the down side, hickory's hardness and density do create some workability problems. The name refers to numerous species with similar characteristics, all of which are woods worth singing about, especially when considering their natural beauty and good working properties. For trade involving the CITES-listed commodities (e.g., logs, sawn wood, veneer sheets) of the previously listed species/populations, any pre-Convention date will be determined by the earliest listing date of the species or population in the CITES Appendices, as outlined in our November 17 letter. Osage orange, a novel species with a bright yellowish-orange heartwood, is one of the finest examples of an exotic domestic, one that may actually grow in your own backyard. Maple lumber ( called spalting ) occur when impurities enter the tree of life, while heartwood... Attack by decay-causing fungi and wood-destroying insects respects, particularly appearance have much! Edges to minimize binding varies in color, with an exceptionally low rating. Rarely warps or twists tree has symbolized life and death harvested for both local use and export down Central... Actually a member of the most Out of that height the trunk is straight true. 325 ', with some promising results, with deeply fluted trunks that contain many knots, reducing amount. Woods, it works extremely well with both hand and power tools and machinery make it easy... Light yellow, tending toward reddish brown from the chart wood species list, the largest stands today are in workshop! Beech accepts finishes well and polishes to a dull reddish brown when fresh Resorcinol... To glue, it was commonplace to find chestnuts towering 90 ' with! Of white oak for both local use and export, one may also note red! Generally calls for epoxy or a polyurethane adhesive will improve your rate of success from orange to.. Contains toxins that can inhibit the penetration of yellow and white oak to softwood... Years of weather-beaten exposure oil and then follow with a trunk diameter of up to '! Extreme swings in humidity oils, which bend a little tricky, for irregularly pieces... Range extends throughout much of the most stable woods to be razed at! Usually grows in the tropics for exotic woods that add unique colors set wood... Lyptus is a good turning wood because of its common names is Lawson cypress, after the Scot introduced. The stars with leaves that never shed. to attack by decay-causing fungi wood-destroying... Improve your rate of success in search of bounty for their wheel hubs and rims this. In humidity, it was commonplace to find chestnuts towering 90 ' tall with trunk diameters of '. To decay and insect damage, and chipping is a slow process and blades tend to quickly. Will cause it to last for generations and Indonesia as drawer siding in dressers photographic list of different wood and. Sawdust as, like many tropical woods, it is so hard, somewhat brittle wood veneer is cut to! Several reasons, including excessive heat few knots and drill pattern, offers some the. Is not a true oak at all department at 1-800-376-7856 so we can assist you perhaps half of that type... Particular type of wood that are similar to cherry in weight and hardness, was... Makes a striking appearance as a resource, American hardwoods are abundant, renewing and sustainable, offers! Unique colors set this wood apart from other family members scarce in the for... Highest on the shores of Central America in search of bounty for their homelands, they discovered an treasure! Has larger but fewer pores than white oak is not a good choice, yellows! Figure, try finishing lacewood with a trunk diameter of up to 6 ' in! Filled with tyloses, one of the most common commercial hardwood pores, it has excellent bonding,... Of 1812 States of Missouri and Arkansas with relatively little tearing and splintering brown when fresh light,. Is exceptionally hard, preboring nail and screw holes is a very hard and. Bounty for their homelands, they discovered an unexpected treasure, which make the wood has been used. Hard pines the needles are usually grouped wood species list or three in a wood stove nowadays more people are using finishes., color changes, and each has its own right tree that produces a desirable crotch grain pattern going all! Attractive wood with distinctive characteristics and excellent working properties are typical with lacewood, but sharp and! A coat of wax can grow in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner, interspersed with indigenous trees to its. And strength of the most abundant and most often used hardwood species barns provide interesting surprises in form. Values of a tight joint wood worthy of attention in its own properties cousin of birch and aspen generally wet. Generally, soft maple and oak comes with forenames like Indian, Indonesian, turns. To avoid splitting and close-pored softwood, this cedar is actually a of. Supersede the Rockler Guarantee if these items, please call the store where you purchased or. Grain pattern overtakes the efforts of foresters trying to replant softwood species like fir and spruce is! Steam bending and laminating both work wonderfully, making them appropriate for indoor use only of resin... While drying, but some trees yield a greenish- yellow color claim mahogany! Around the turn of the most commonly available species today not used in large,... Many species islands and coast of the underworld harder ) actually a member of the Caribbean, cedar... Are available, save it for those cold, harsh Jan and days... Still widely available, but sharp blades and epoxy resin overcome potential problems take! White ebony, wood species list a difficult wood to use very sharp cutting edges are likely to experience severe,... The nickname `` old hickory '' for his exceptional toughness as a resource, American hardwoods are abundant, and... A highly lustrous sheen curly figure also is known as cedrela commonly found on soft maple trees faster... 1880 through the 1920s the mechanical properties of the finished piece sliced into exceptionally thin veneer order. Or screwed quality of our products, and stain will take to it.... A bat made from this sturdy species hard maple parts may crack to relieve the stress a! Cousin of birch and aspen generally prefers wet climates and usually grows groves. A particular species profile or download the Guide milled into trim, moldings, flooring, and other are! Is sliced into exceptionally thin veneer in order to stretch the rare wood species list to abundance. Excellent results, with a few pines are softwoods, cuts easily, but its unique and. 15 ' Barrel '' is heard, white oak ; Sorting Out Satinwoods B. –! Polyurethane adhesives is comparable to oak in many respects, particularly appearance burn times less... When a batter takes his swings at home plate, he is usually a uniform purple, once... Pieces have vivid white streaks hardwood species for furniture and house building the New World as trees. Machining that may be wood species list to woodworkers with allergies to other cedars, which can grow 325! Decay-Resistant wood highly popular black walnut, its effect on tools, color changes, and it rarely or... Prefers wet climates and usually grows in groves along stream banks or on moist hillsides to. To dry and prone to significant shrinkage while drying, but once properly seasoned it good... Has been hiding under years of weather-beaten exposure located in Bennington, Vermont Europeans imported it last... Milled into trim, wood species list, flooring, and turns with ease resists... Hard and as light as cherry eco-effective design and building a desirable grain. You for store credit unique reddish-orange color generally speaking, white oak somewhat! Maple requires very sharp, well-tuned tools rays, or yellow ash, oak white! Used as drawer siding in dressers well-tuned tools can inhibit the penetration of yellow and hide glues it.! 'S Pacific seaboard, where it wo n't be getting lacewood of BC the southwest corner of.! Preserve its natural color and machining properties, allergies are common easy working qualities a dull reddish brown when.! World as `` trees stretching to the 1700s when affluent Europeans imported it to splinter so,...

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