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The game takes players to the Forbidden Islands as Kara, a warrior separated from her tribe after being caught up in a storm. The multiplayer additions, while compelling, don’t make up for the absence of a virtual reality mode, which is unfortunately unsupported by the Xbox One platform. Windbound is an exploration game whose sense of exploration is painfully rigid. With heavy Breath of the Wild vibes, you take on the role of Kara, a stranded warrior who must survive on a deserted island. Windbound is a third person survival game that inherits many familiar traits popularised by games such as Don’t Starve, RUST and, of course, Minecraft. Co-operative. For all we know they might plan to use single player as a testing phase to judge popularity and then if enough people enjoy and buy the game they could add multiplayer later on. ... Windbound should be far better than it is, and I cannot help but feel that the devs have simply not done the core concept any justice. We all had a go, but a few of us (myself included) quickly lost interest due to the unguided open-ended nature of the game. Online Multiplayer. Sony has announced several indie games set for release on the PlayStation 4 this year. Windbound is an exploration game whose sense of exploration is painfully rigid. Besides single player is a lot easier to create than multiplayer. If there was one key thing which sparked the concept of Windbound, it was during the period we were making the multiplayer update for Satellite Reign where half the studio got addicted to Don’t Starve. Developer 5 Lives Studios and publisher Deep Silver will release their beautiful survival adventure, Windbound, on August 28th. Underneath the more than familiar facade is a game crying out to be evolved into something far more interesting, more diverse, and more engaging. Just because it currently isn’t multiplayer doesn’t mean it won’t ever be. Windbound, from developer 5 Lives and publisher Deep Silver, is announced this week to arrive on all major platforms (Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and Steam) later this year on August 28th.

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