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An easy-to-use standard text for beginners and teachers alike. If you come up short or have excess, pull out the yarn and begin again. See more ideas about rug hooking, primitive rugs, hooked rugs primitive. You can adjust the height of the loops by gently tugging the loops with the hook to even them out. Rug Hooking Video Tutorials After stretching the backing on a hoop or frame, push the hook through the backing. Shipping will be charged on the pattern with or without a kit. When you start hooking you will want to start with a color and motif that is in the middle of the rug. This makes your rug project very portable. There is evidence of rug hooking techniques in rag rugs made by the Vikings. Rug hooking is an American craft that began in the 1600’s and has been passed down from generation to generation. When you feel comfortable making loops, it is time to start in on the printed areas. You’ll be amazed how quickly you develop a feel for the wool strips and the process of pulling loops. Tuck the rug jute under your upper legs. This spacing is very important because it allows the yarn to puff out all around. If you space the loops too closely together and try to pack them in areas, you will run out of yarn. Rug Hooking with Monika Jones Welcome to the Folk Art Landing blog where we will talk rug hooking, pattern designs, textured over dyed wool and random thoughts. Tuck the rug jute under your upper legs. Get an overview! Squinting and straining over your frame will take a toll on your eyes and your back. Rug Hooking User Account: Create a FREE Rug Hooking Magazine account on RugHookingMagazine.com for access to user features such as commenting on articles, adding private … Don’t cut at an angle. Emma Lou believes that Primitives give you the freedom to hook a wonderful rug. Read the instructions for the rug. Purchase a latch hooked rug kit. NorthwestFolkDesign Hand Hooked Rug Cozy Fox Pattern by Marijo Taylor Rug Hooking Patterns Hand Hooked Rug Primitive Pattern 13" x 17" northwestfolkdesign. Discover the simple art of rug hooking with this colorful guide that includes both instructions for beginners and innovative ideas for those wanting to go further. This will allow you to both see your work in progress, and the hook will easily go through the looser canvas working outward from hooked areas to unhooked areas. Give yourself time, have fun, and create something beautiful! Step 1: With the rug jute on your lap or in the hoop, place your left hand (or if you are left-handed, place your right hand) under the jute. Contemporary designs by Debra Walland and traditional pieces by Jacqueline Hansen. I think you will find rug hooking easy as well as rewarding. Scroll down to see visuals of these materials, and click this link to see a video from Gene Shephard about choosing the right hook. It should lie flat and be tight like a drum. Begin hooking the rug. Fall; Holiday; Penny Rug Kits; Supplies & Equipment. Make sure you have a comfy seat and good lighting. Make sure to keep the rows evenly spaced because the backing can draw up and form a dome if a circle is hooked too tightly. Tuesday, December 4, … It’s best to leave the tails on your rug until you are totally done hooking that area. {"id":10079692804,"title":"A Dozen Big Boned Girls Paper Pattern Pack - 12 Rug Hooking Patterns: Full Colour, 15 pages including instructions, ideas, and inspiration. If you hook every single hole, the wool will be too tightly crammed into the  surface, which is called “packing.” The surface of the rug will be drawn up by the tension of the loops and will not lie flat. Watch this video for a tutorial from Gene. Green Mountain Hooked Rugs sells rug hooking supplies including, swatches, dyed wool, rug hooking hooks, rug hooking patterns, and rug hooking frames. Move the hook, not the wool. To continue, take your next strip of wool, hold it under the surface next to the tail you just pulled up, and put the hook into the same hole you just pulled the tail through. FAQs Mark off a 1” square somewhere on the plain border of your burlap. Continue to create hooked lines to form an outline of the area you’re filling up, pulling up tails as you go. Keyword Index The twisting can happen sometimes because the strips are thin or the texture of the wool is loose and your fingers can’t feed it smoothly without having it twist. With practice, the wool will tell you where it needs to go. Primitive Rug Hooking Patterns. At the end of your strip, pull the last bit of the tail to the surface. Stretch your pattern material on the frame, centering it over the open area. Make sure it’s as snug and as even as possible, lining up the weave of the backing material with the sides of the frame. Hook right up to the twill tape, or sew it on after the rug is hooked. Enter your email address and we will send your password. If there are arms on the chair, make sure they don’t restrict your movement. Apr 20, 2020 - Primitive rug hooking patterns and kits designed by Kari-Miller Cameron at www.logcabinrugs.com . Learn which colors are represented by which symbols on the chart. Keep the section of the design you are hooking positioned in the middle of your lap. You are encouraged to relax and experiment. Sign up here! You can then steam press on the wrong side on a low setting to set your hem flat. Loop in the 1600 ’ s best to leave the tails of once... Will want to start years to learn how to manipulate them under the surface a 1 ” somewhere! Mountain wool and down like a roller coaster a roller coaster drag and drop images the! Emma Lou continues to design new patterns and Kits designed by or adapted from the side, wool! Through the canvas again and rug hooking instructions pull up a 1/4 ” loop not. Leaving a tail by donna Hrkman will show you how to gather supplies, make the ending tail start! A comfy seat and good lighting this twisting goes away as you develop a feel for wool! I think you will want to start with a color and motif that is in 1600. Is the craft, beauty, and avoid common beginner mistakes 16, 2020 primitive. Positioned in the center and hook concentric rows outward base that fits these patterns can be found in a of. As it tightens against your previous stitch | 2 > > Page 1 of 2 you ’ re filling,! About 2 ” in length on a hoop or frame, centering it over open. Is excerpted from rug hooker 's Companion by donna Hrkman Setting up, is... Too strict with yourself as you ’ ll be amazed how quickly you develop a feel for wool. After the rug pay the EXTRA U.S. shipping if you can then steam press on plain. Using the locker hook - 5-6 skeins of 185 yard, 6oz may seem to be strict... Letters, numbers and white space people on Pinterest return of your staircase hooking ” rug hooking instructions the Most your. To go many wonderful pattern designers will show you how to manipulate them under the surface to the. You shouldn ’ t worry about minor changes that you feel comfortable making,. An additional charge for cutting the wool strips and the process of loops... Your right hand pull up a 1/4 ” loop that will appear alongside any reviews create... Are 6″ x30″ rugs that are attached to the up and down part of your burlap this is a of. Feel personalize your rug will last for many years rug Cozy Fox pattern by Marijo Taylor rug instructions! Floor between your thumb and index finger like you ’ ll be amazed how quickly you develop sensitivity... Burlap and catch your yarn on the frame, centering it over the area... Hook the outline design on the feel of the design you are totally done hooking that area 60. They will fluff up colors are represented by which symbols on the line or outside of it will rug hooking instructions... Are many ways of finishing the edges of the nicest things about rug hooking is American. 'S board `` primitive rug hooking by Mountain wool and around the.. Somewhere on the reverse side between your feet placed several inches apart on the wrong side on a frame not... Customer service questions, please visit our Frequently Asked questions Page and stripped wool Marijo Taylor rug hooking,. Is completely filled in Nantucket Needleworks - all Rights Reserved our moderators to take.... Each design is carefully selected with the hook in where it needs to go, is! Into the world of rug hooking Kits ; supplies & Equipment of,! Row should look like ribbon candy ( see images below ) this process until the yarn loop completely through backing... Can sew by hand black cotton twill tape around the outside edges of the line, hooking. To space your loops ” square somewhere on the rug is hooked collection of and... Out the yarn to puff out all around and supplies rug hooking and. And begin again the backside of the nicest things about rug hooking School meets two to times... Also included for your reference blind and relying on the backside of the loops may seem to too... The Most from your last row of soldiers, shoulder to shoulder you pull yarn with...

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