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Handi Paneer is a mouth-watering North Indian vegetarian Paneer Recipe.This delicious, creamy and spicy dish is cooked in a handi (pot) which is a type of utensil with a full bottom and shallow depth and is widely used in Indian cooking. Handi paneer is rich in all kind of spices like kali mirch, tej patta, chilli powder etc. Haandi paneer is a mouthwatering Indian recipe for preparing paneer or cottage cheese cubes in a haandi or metallic crockpot. What is Paneer Handi Recipe and how to make Paneer Handi? Handi is a pot that people use for Indian cooking that is wide at the bottom and a bit deep. You can give your twist to the recipe too. Handi Paneer Recipe is a very spicy Paneer dish. The flavours of paneer blend with the choicest masala and spice powders in the haandi and create a delectable panner dish, which is best enjoyed with naan. Try the authentic recipe of Handi paneer shown below. Ingredients for Handi Paneer: 250 gms Paneer, cut it into medium sized cubes (Cottage cheese) 1/2 cup Yogurt (dahi) 2 … You can try adding milk powder or cream to make the gravy more rich and thick. Paneer handi is a very simple and easy recipe. It will create a restaurant-like experience for you.

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